Bhushan Thakkar

Bhushan Thakkar

Bhushan ThakkarFrom an early age, Bhushan Thakkar has held a passion for photography. Initially inspired by his father who was an accomplished New York based photographer himself, Bhushan’s ability and study was guided, encouraged, and thorough; eventually leading him to discover an affinity with film, and to become a part of every aspect of production.

Bhushan has produced, directed, and shot for commercial media, native web content, and films for his international clients.

Bhushan’s holistic approach allows his clients to receive a tailored experience; Bhushan is involved in each step of the production process, allowing him to successfully take a single project from inception to completion.

Refraining from sticking to a single format, Bhushan constantly finds himself looking for new technical approaches. For Bhushan, composing a scene means challenging his preconceived perspective to find something new.

For Bhushan, using a camera to develop and showcase his expression is second nature; it’s what makes him the happiest, and is coded into his DNA. Shooting content is what keeps him going, and Bhushan is grateful that his work continues to allow him the chance. ​

Bhushan Thakkar is a photographer, director, and producer who lives to tell stories while working in the fast paced environment film and photography have to offer. Bhushan’s award winning films have received accolades at many independent film festivals.

Partial Film Credits:
Returning Home – Filmmaker
Glass – Director, DP
Same God – Camera
Caipira – DP
When Harry Tries to Marry – Co Producer, Second Unit Director

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